There are no secrets, nor tricks nor magic.

The technique, the discipline, the knowledge learnt from two great masters are the most precious treasure, the fundamentals, the only real secret from which wicuisine was born.

A cuisine in which soul, spirit and passion live and blend together; a unique mark, permanent, where the kaiseki cuisine, the real Japanese cooking tradition, is mixed with Mediterranean ingredients, an encounter between different cultures fusing together in a balanced melody.

“A chef is like a musician, the gift and sensitivity in our fingers make the difference”: Wicky heard these words from his father and to him they are just meaningful today as it was back then.

That same hand that, according to his philosophy, holds since our birth the whole of our history, our future and the experiences will live first-hand.

This is what every customer breathes here, a dish prepared with love and dedication: a dish coming from far away, from years of sacrifice and hardship, overtaken thanks to determination and the teachings by Kaneki and Kan.

Kaneki is a master in kaiseki, the most sophisticated tradition in Japanese cuisine; Kan is a master in edomae (ancient name for Tokyo), that is the most praised expression of sushi.

The training course learnt from them never faltered, and it still continues today, a bit at a time, and Wicky in turn funnels the respect, the experience and everything he has learnedto his kitchen assistants, most of them work with him since ten years.

Wicky Priyan

A criminologist before becoming a Chef, a fate born and fueled during the college years, where he shared his time between studying and working in the kitchens of famous restaurants.

He lived seven months in the streets of Madras to examine in details his dissertation subject, then he travelled and at last visited Japan.

His determination, dedication and skills allowed him to be the only non Japanese student of Kaneki and Sushi Kan.

In him they saw a great talent to nurture, a man willing to learn not just the techniques, the cooking timing and the resources but, most of all, the culture, to grab any details and understand the true essence of that cuisine.

In Italy, for five years he was chef at Zero, then he opened the first Wicky's in Via San Calocero that moved to Corso Italia in 2015.


Launched in February 2015, it has two main dining halls and a more private smallest dining room.

Designed and created to present and propose the highest expression of Wicky Priyan's cuisine, to welcome the customers with discretion and elegance, offering them respect and openness with an attentive service and the big kitchen in view.

The selection of raw materials is taken care of directly by the Leader, who loves to discover the excellences of our Country visiting places and producers, talking directly to them to understand the peculiarities of any ingredient.

The menu shows two souls: the thirty signature dishes are the print, the essence in the history linking Wicky to his customers; the sampling course instead is a guided experience based on the Chef's improvisation and the seasonal ingredients, custom tailored to satisfy the curiosity, the desire and the potential customers' intolerance to certain kinds of food.

The sampling course usually is 60% cooked food and 40% uncooked. The wine selection offers a well-finished selection of labels and vintage wines, to satisfy even the most demanding customer.



Wicky's Wicuisine

Lunch   |   Tuesday - Friday 12.30 - 14.30
Dinner   |   Monday - Saturday 19.30 - 23.00

Parking  |    Garage Velasca at via Pantano, 4